Ashley Nguyen is a Jill of all trades, Master of some.


Nguyen took her background in Art Direction and Advertising to sharpen her skills as a creative talent behind the lens. The Midwest native packed up her bindle and moved to Los Angeles in 2009. She’s since expanded her resume and network to include films, celebrities, magazines and non-profit organizations. When she’s not busy writing about herself in the third person, Ashley’s decided to devote her life and career to three main passions – photography, digital branding and travel.


Photography is her first love and calling. It’s her full time profession and the thing that will make her insanely happier than she already is or undoubtedly drive her nuts. Which is why now she only takes on clients and projects that she’s absolutely crazy about.



As a Creative Brand Manager at The Imagination Agency, she gets to do a lot of really cool stuff. When she’s not knee-deep in frosting for a creative cupcake photoshoot, disengaging the occasional online troll with her ninja skills or developing fun campaigns for a Forbes 30 under 30 NFL Creative boss, she’s traveling the world.



Her latest passion project and travel blog, YokoCoco, has been the perfect outlet for her to be free to capture her experiences to cherish for a lifetime and partner with outstanding, like-minded brands. Accompanied by her close friend, they jet set to different parts of the globe armed with cameras and an open heart to fully immerse themselves in the culture.


It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

-Alfred Eisenstaedt